Small business

In the laboratory industry we are a tight knit group. We hold great value in newly formed laboratories, startups and small/medium sized laboratories all chasing after the dream of providing high value, high quality and innovative patient care testing solutions. In the beginning one of the hardest things is managing your time and costs to effectively grow. The number one growth inhibitor is the lack of access to talent. Your people should be your biggest investment. Allied Search Partners is an expert lab recruiter, handling clinical laboratory staffing, medical staffing and everything in between. As a lab recruiter, we have over a decade of experience matching talent to innovative, fast growing and growth-oriented laboratories across the country. We partner with you from the beginning, sharing our experience and passion for this industry with you. Because we understand budgets and time for small businesses are limited, we reduce our costs on the front end in return for exclusivity in working with you to grow and build from the ground up. Once your business stabilizes and your talent attraction strategy is in place with our help, we enter you into our standard fee agreement and continue to grow your business from small to medium and beyond, if that is what your goals are. The more businesses we help to grow, the more rewarding we feel as a value add in this industry. We want to do whatever it takes to partner with you and always have a solution for your business’s needs.