Allied Search Partners is a full-service laboratory talent access firm. We are experts in clinical laboratory recruitment, medical laboratory staffing and everything in between. We believe there are 3 major milestones in someone's life. That is getting married, having children and a career change. We are honored to assist our candidates through one of the most challenging times in their lives, a change in their career. We do not take this task lightly and understand the ripple effect that a career change has on a spouse, children and their partners. When we work with our candidates and clients, we are helping to positively alter the lives of families and loved ones alike. You will have a main point of contact that will partner with you to identify your goals both personal and professional. You will have access to current and future client company searches/positions and be entered into our confidential and proprietary database to ensure constant communication with us on any new developments. Working in clinical laboratory recruitment and medical laboratory staffing, we are with you throughout the process. We will work with you to evaluate your resume and help you through interview prep to offer negotiation. Our outplacement services are funded by existing employers for members of their team who have been laid off or will be laid off. This service allows recipients to gain practical advice, support and guidance when reentering the job search market. If you are a company that is going through financial hardship, merger/acquisition, or simply no longer need a talented group of people or person, but want to ensure your employee knows they were a valuable player in their company, then we have the solution for you through our outplacement services.