About Us

Allied Search Partners is a healthcare recruiter and advisory firm specialized in working with laboratories, medical and healthcare facilities across the country. Since 2008, we have provided a wide range of talent access services including talent acquisition, recruitment process outsourcing, small to medium sized business solutions, laboratory training program, government services and contract/interim staffing to fit your organizations needs.

As a healthcare recruiter, Allied Search Partners offers guidance, industry insight and knowledge as well as opportunities to help advance careers and companies in the laboratory industries.

Our Mission

To be a full-service talent advisory firm for building your business and building high performance teams within your laboratories with a first rate experience.

Our Values

  • Innovation: The world we live in is ever evolving as technological advances change the way we communicate with each other, allowing connections and relationships to form in new and profound ways. By staying open to these changing possibilities, and using them to the best advantage of our clients, Allied Search Partners is able to develop improved processes, uncover new opportunities and achieve greater heights in providing quality laboratory talent access and advisory services.
  • Positivity: At Allied Search Partners, we look for the best in people, seeking to discover opportunities in both successes and failures and to provide guidance and honest feedback to both clients and candidates as they endure the trials and tribulations involved with providing or pursuing meaningful career opportunities. Our core belief that each new day provides infinite opportunities and limitless possibilities enables us to continue moving forward with the vision that we will match the right opportunity to the best candidate possible, bringing together the right organization with the right talent.
  • Compassion: Quality healthcare starts with quality people who genuinely care about the communities around them. Compassion has the ability to bridge all manner of differences, enabling us to pull together to provide better care to the people we serve. It trickles from one person to the next, allowing us to form bonds where there were none before, to discover opportunities that might otherwise have been lost. Compassion is the reason why you should expect to be treated by our team with the respect, courtesy, and dignity that all people deserve.
  • Integrity: Always doing the right thing for the right reasons, at all times.

Melissa Owens, Founder/President