Laboratory Training Program

A Real Staffing Solution For The Shortage of Laboratory Professionals

Company Snapshot

Allied Search Partners, has helped diagnostics and science organizations with staffing shortages since 2008. With the shortage of qualified professionals in this industry getting worse across the country, Allied Search Partners offers a laboratory training program. Allied Search Partners provides CAP/CLIA accredited testing personnel training to laboratories nationwide.

Why Our Program?

Time: Your Management Team & Seasoned Techs can focus on what's important: Complex Diagnostics.
Costs: More affordable option than high priced Travel Techs
Longevity: Ability to convert the Clinical Lab Trainees to your permanent staff
Time to Fill: No waiting around for an applicant to fill the job. Have one of our training partners train your perfect fit now!
Location: Training happens at your lab for accurate training on your exact processes, SOPs and Platforms

Core Capabilities

Step 1: Deployment of CAP/CLIA accredited laboratory training specialist to your worksite
Step 2: Overview of your laboratory platforms, assays, SOPs and specific training needs
Step 3: Deployment of laboratory trainees to your worksite
Step 4: 3-12 months training of the laboratory trainees by your Allied Search Partners Training Partner
Step 5: Accessment of laboratory trainee staff by Allied Search Partners Training Partner and Hiring Team.
Step 6: Conversion of laboratory trainee staff to permanent/full time high complexity testing personnel for your organization
Step 7: Ongoing field specialist as needed by your Allied Search Partners Trainer


  • Over a decade of experience in the talent advisory and access for laboratory and science organizations
  • Full service talent advisory: Staffing, Lab Training Program, Lab Automation Consulting
  • Nationwide proprietary network of laboratory experts for your talent access needs
  • Singularly focused in the laboratory and scientific industry with emphasis on talent


Ongoing shortage of lab professionals. Cost of travelers/temps sky high and permanent positions remaining open too long.

Snapshot of Program

Deployment of trainer > Overview of systems at your lab > Deployment of trainees > Assessment > Conversion of trainees to FT MLS > Ongoing support

Departments Trained

Hematology, Chemistry, Microbiology, Blood Bank, Serology/Immunology, Histology, Cytogenetic/FISH, Molecular


Nationwide access to clinical lab trainers & trainees

Case Study

2020 - Present: over 120+ MLS trained within our program have become ASCP (or equivalent) and state licensed (NY, FL, CA, TN, LA, NV)

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