Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Allied Search Partners are experts in pathology laboratory recruiting, medical laboratory staffing and everything in between. RPO is a business model where you can outsource the management of the entire recruitment process and function to ASP, an expert in pathology laboratory recruiting and talent access in the laboratory space. This allows companies to scale fast, drive growth, save money and increase efficiency in talent acquisition. This model frees up top executives/C-Suite professionals and Hiring Managers to focus on their organization internally while allowing us to be your external office for talent acquisition.

This allows for a larger scope in talent attraction, more focus and time spent on talent attraction, and controlled costs in recruiting people to your organization. Our sourcing strategy provides complete coverage of active and passive candidates. We customize our approach to match your needs on a skill set basis, but on a cultural basis as well. Our focus is long term growth for your company. For long term growth you must have long term talent at your laboratory.